A Year After Sandy, Living Dangerously by the Sea

Interesting article, and my favorite quote from it contains something I think about a lot: if we’re going to live in harm’s way (and a lot of us will continue to do so), then we need to figure out how to build resilient communities. Here’s the quote:

“So if we’re going to keep living in harm’s way, we have to do our best to reduce the harm. That means prioritizing resilience, which has replaced adaptation as the term of choice for city planners. Resilience means understanding that disasters like storms and floods will happen — there’s no adapting them away — and what we need to do is build homes, communities, cities and countries that can take the punch of a Sandy without hitting the canvas for the count. It means being creative about the challenges we’ll face, knowing that they’ll evolve in the future. ‘Cities have a tendency to prepare for the thing they got hit by in the past,’ says Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans. ‘We have to be ready for anything that might come our way, and be flexible about what we’ll need to respond.’”