The Days After Atlas

Note: Pretty Work has another post up about the snowstorm — read her! She’s doing great work!!!

Pretty Work


Please note that my family’s ranch is in central Wyoming.  We received about 2 feet of heavy wet snow but the storm did not affect us the same way that if affected eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota and Nebraska.  We lost one cow in the storm.  Some ranchers in South Dakota and eastern Wyoming lost over 50% of their herds (cattle and sheep).  Many are still looking for cattle and sheep that wandered in the storm.  Horses and other wildlife were lost as well.  My family spent 10 days following the storm locating, feeding, gathering and moving our cattle.  They were cold, tired and sore.  And incredibly thankful that we were able to locate all our cattle in fairly decent shape.  At the same time our hearts were breaking for our fellow ranchers to the east.  If you would like information on benefits being organized or would like to…

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