Reading Around the Internet, Oct. 28, 2016: New Guide for Flood Risk Property Owners

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’ve been going over some old notes and materials for a book project recently, and updating myself on recent coastal flooding/regulatory issues. I know that several readers have an interest in the eastern seaboard and recent activity there. I came across this report and video at discussing the Atlantic Hurricane season, and wanted to pass it along.

Earlier this week, I was a bit obsessed with this piece about the Hurricane of 1938, published by New England Today. Those of you who know my work know that this storm features in my research on Palazzolo v. Rhode Island and coastal management issues. It’s a wonderful piece with some great photography. Well worth taking the time to read at some point.


Reading Around the Internet: A Little Listening for Friday Afternoon

As I finish up the week and was checking through the news, I stumbled on this interview with Chris Koster, Missouri’s current Attorney General. Brownfield Ag News interviewed him because he’s running for governor. He discusses several issues that are of interest to DPP and our readers, including the Waters of the US litigation, other litigation involving regulatory issues, infrastructure issues, and agricultural bills pending in the state legislature. I’m posting this less because of the election and more because in his discussion he gives some good updates various matters.  Here’s the link — scroll down to find the recording of the interview, which is about 30 minutes in length. 

I tried to find something similar from Eric Greitens, who is also running for governor. Apparently, Brownfield Ag News asked him for an interview and his campaign declined to do something similar. I haven’t yet found any discussion as substantive and wide-ranging as this, but if a reader is aware of one (other than material on his campaign site), please feel free to send me the link. After I review it, I’ll be happy to post it.