Olive Branch Rebuilding Update

For readers who have been following flood recovery in the Mississippi Valley:

Emily Priddy at the SEMissourian reports here that the appraisal process for the FEMA buyouts in Olive Branch have begun.

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale has been involved in the work to help Olive Branch. Here’s a link to an article from about a year ago concerning faculty and grad student involvement.

Photos of the Colorado Floods

My friend, Laura Anz, sent this photo from her recent trip to Denver. It was taken as they left the Denver airport.

Laura explained that when her parents had passed through the area to pick her and her family up at the airport, the water was still several feet below road level. After picking them up, on the return trip, it was just beginning to come up onto the road. Soon after, the road was closed to thru traffic because it was under swiftly flowing water.

Another friend sent me this fascinating image, produced by NASA. It provides an overview of the change in the South Platte River near Greeley.

We’ll be posting more photos as friends and colleagues send them. If you have something you’d like to consider posting, send it to dpphatcher@gmail.com. Thanks!