Update on Greenhouse Gas Permitting Case

A few weeks back I wrote about Utility Air Regulatory Group v. U.S. EPA, which was heard by the Supreme Court this morning. ReutersUSA Today, Business Week and other press outlets are reporting that today’s oral arguments suggest the Court is skeptical of the government’s claims in the case. Since I have not yet read the transcripts, I will refrain from commenting beyond pointing you to some of this press.

Ahead of the oral arguments, NPR did a nice story this morning that you can listen to here.

Editor’s Note: Per the earlier version of this post, the audio for the oral arguments in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA are up on Oyez.


Pinhook Documentary Premieres at University of Missouri

For my readers interested in the 2011 flood, and its effects on African-American populations in the region and Mississippi County/New Madrid County, Missouri, you may want to check this out.



Taking Pinhook, a documentary about Pinhook and its displaced residents, was screened for the first time last night at an event that was part of the University of Missouri Black Studies Department’s Black History Month Series. Several displaced Pinhook residents were in attendance including Debra Tarver and Aretha Robinson.

Check back soon to see video clips from the Q and A as well as excerpts from the film.

(Photo Credit: Darcy Holtgrave)

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